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Residential Parking Zones
  Ellensburg has Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) in the core area of town. View a map or apply for a RPZ permit.

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Neighborhood Crime Statistics
  Find out what crime is happening in your neighborhood.

Locate A Sex Offender
  See where registered sex offenders live.

Street Closure Application

  Planning an event and want to close a street? Apply here.

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Report A Water Leak
  Leaks can happen in area streets; let us know.

Report Overgrown Vegetation
  If overgrown vegetation is a problem in your neighborhood, fill out this form so we can investigate.

Report Street Light/Traffic Signal Outage
  Let us know if a light is out.

Report Abandoned Vehicles
  If you know of a vehicle that is abandoned, report it.

Report Issue With Streets Or Sidewalks
  Should your sidewalk have a large crack or other issue, complete and submit this form.