Economic Development

Visit the CenterFuse website for more information about business development services in Ellensburg.

The mission of the Ellensburg Business  Development Authority is to strategically recruit and support businesses; and to connect businesses to resources so they can start,  grow, and prosper.

Our vision: Ellensburg is vibrant and prosperous with a local economy that values its history and natural beauty.

  1. Start A New Business
  2. Expand or Relocate an Existing Business
  3. Why Ellensburg

Ellensburg offers many advantages to businesses who start or relocate here. On the way to everywhere, Ellensburg has excellent access to major transportation systems, ready-built public utility services, and a workforce of skilled and unskilled laborers who are job ready.  The small town feel and quality of life attract many people to Ellensburg.

LOCATION. Just under two hours from Seattle and less than three hours from Spokane, Ellensburg is strategically located in the center of Washington State.

MINIMAL LICENSING/PERMITS.  To start a business in Ellensburg, you will apply for an Ellensburg Business License.

LOW TAXATION. Ellensburg’s sales/use tax rate is lower than the average rate of other Washington cities.

INCENTIVES. Washington State Department of Revenue offers many tax incentives for businesses.


BUSINESS INCUBATOR. A 10,000 SF building designed to support up to 7 start-up light industrial businesses.

START-UP RESOURCES. To aid with your success, we have available a range of support resources. From understanding financials to marketing to business planning and more, we offer the expertise to lend you a hand in a meaningful way.

The scope and complexity of each business determines the regulatory process to get a business up and running. As a general guide, all businesses can benefit from learning about these ten things you should know before starting a business. The Small Business Administration’s website contains a wealth of helpful information for business start-ups and management.