Adult Activity Center

The Adult Activity Center (AAC) serves as a drop-in recreation facility for adults 50+. Our mission is to offer a variety of recreational and life-enrichment activities which include health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, intellectual well-being, art, games, special-interest activities, computer assistance and classes, trips and tours, and special events.

  1. NEW!
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Exercise/Health
  4. Social Activities


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All trips require participants to register. You can register online or in-person at the AAC, 506 S. Pine St. Registration fees are paid in advance with cash or check. For ongoing and upcoming events, trips, and activities, check out our calendar.

AAC Staff and Volunteers

  • Katrina Douglas, Coordinator
  • Katelyn Clavette, Recreation Leader
  • Tina Peet, Volunteer Support
  • Gabriella Bacon, Volunteer Support
  • Alice Brown, Volunteer Support
  • Vonnie Nichols, Volunteer Support
  • Deborah Boudreau, AmeriCorps Member
  • Roxanne Laush, AmeriCorps Member